Bio - Jin Koo Cho Photography

Jin Cho has over 10 years of experience in fine art film photography & fashion photography.

He was born in New York City, raised in Seoul, Korea, and now resides in San Francisco south bay area, which has made him feel the diversity of culture with every fiber of his body and has worked as a source of creativity.

He believes that photography is the painting of light. Still, more than anything else, his favorite is film photography. One of his happiest times for him is to be engrossed in development and printing in darkroom while forgetting all daily distractions. And on such occasions, he sometimes uses a medium-format film camera to take landscapes of magnificent scale.

For him, film photography is his destiny and pride. While first solo exhibition in 2007 was entirely dedicated to film photography, this exhibition is the one of mixed digital and film with abstract lines and colors taking the center stage.

He said "To make what is invisible to the eye, visible, that is the mission of a photographer. Good photographs come from experience. More pain, more gain. Only until my shoes wore out, then my photos would become more diverse, expressive, and soulful."

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